My tracking shows a status of delivered, yet I never received it. What should I do?

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We have seen many instances where the mail carrier marks the package as delivered, and yet shows up at the intended address at a later time and date or is available for pickup at the post office. Please contact your local post office with your tracking information and see if they can assist you in tracking down your shipment. 

  1. Verify the shipping address on your order in your account.
  2. Look for a notice of attempted delivery.
  3. Look around the delivery location:
    1. Check around the entrances of your residence for the package: particularly on back porches, in bushes, garages, grills, or other places that might protect your package from theft or weather. Note that delivery drivers may also use plastic bags to protect your package from the weather.
  4. See if someone else accepted delivery:
    1. Check with any family members, roommates, or neighbors who may have received the package for you without your knowing.
  5. Speak with the specific postal carrier who delivers your mail or local post office as they do scan the package in order to mark it 'delivered'.
  6. Wait 48 hours—packages can show as delivered while still in transit.
  7. If your order is 72 hours passed the expected delivery date, then you will want to file a missing package claim with the shipping carrier. 
    1. USPS Missing Mail & Lost Packages Services
International Customers: Check your local post office as there might be custom fees to be paid and it is being held.
Polepunzel LLC can not file a claim until the package is missing for more than 15 days.

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