How do I change my shipping address?

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  1. Log in, click on My Account and then Manage Subscriptions
  2. Select Edit on your current subscription and you will be able to update your billing and shipping addresses.
All address changes must be made before the next billing date to avoid the order being shipped to a previous address.

If it is past the billing date and too late to change your address:

We typically start preparing our shipments within the middle of the shipping month, so unfortunately there are cases where we are unable to change the address and it will be mailed to your previous address on file.

Please make sure to email with the address change as soon as possible so that we can try and catch it!

If the box is unable to be delivered, they will route it back to us and we will then attempt to mail it back to you.

Some customers will arrange mail forwarding to their new address with their local post office, but we are unable to provide further information on that for you.

We are able to amend your address in your account for future shipments.

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