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First I want to thank everyone for your constant support and all of the good wishes you sent me while I was undergoing cancer surgery. It's been a long journey with lots of up and downs, but Customers such as you are what has made providing this box such an amazing experience. I really do appreciated it!

I do want to apologize for how late the box is being sent out and I wanted to take time to explain what happened.

Again, I am SO sorry this happened. Besides my illness, I had major errors on one of the ordered products and it had taken MUCH longer than expected to receive it.

I am in the final touches of everything now and I will start sending out tracking numbers by the end of October. Please keep in mind that I am still unfortunately currently dealing with my illness and issues, but I am doing the best that I can.

Moving forward I will be utilizing new vendors so all future boxes shall be sent out in a timely manner.

To thank you for being my customer, your support during my illness and to thank you for your patience while I was dealing with vendor production issues, I will be adding an additional thank you gift in this and the next box.

Additionally, $1 from every box will be donated to 1UpOnCancer.

Please note as a reminder, all subscriptions have been previously cancelled therefore you will not see any future charges from us unless you choose to actively re-subscribe again later on. You will not be able to see your subscription portal as I had to switch systems and make sure subscribers were not charged for another future box.

If there are any changes to your mailing address and have not received a tracking number already, please contact I apologize again and thank you so much again!

Best Regards,


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