When will my Polepunzel Box Ship?

Updated 10 months ago by Polepunzel

Pre-orders get packed/processed when all product ordered for that season are received by Polepunzel. We aim for the end of the shipping month, but we have to work around our vendors production schedules.

Once you receive a tracking number, boxes can take about 10 business days to start traveling to it's destination. Your shipping month is listed in your order confirmation email. 

Boxes are shipped approximately every 90 days on a set schedule.

I personally pack each box myself, sometimes they may take awhile. 😆

  • Spring box: Ships March - April
  • Summer box: Ships June - July
  • Fall box: Ships September - October
  • Winter box: Ships December
Please note: Times and dates are tentative as unknown circumstances can delay shipping and I have to work around vendor's schedules. If shipping is significantly delayed, an email will be sent to all affected. There are no refunds for shipping delays.

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