What is The Polepunzel Box?

Updated 2 years ago by Polepunzel

The Polepunzel Box™️is a quarterly subscription box service for Pole Dancers and the Pole Fitness Community!

For $79.95 USD plus shipping, the Polepunzel Box is a curated subscription box experience for Pole Dancers.

Celebrate being a Pole Dancer with unique and custom items you can't find anywhere else!

Every Polepunzel Box will have a curated assortment of mystery items. Each season we pick a theme and then pick the best items that fit. 

The boxes may also include rare limited edition items made by Polepunzel! 

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Please note: The Polepunzel Box is NOT a value box. We do not receive any free samples or extra discounts from other companies. It is a premium curated experience unlike no other. Each season is specially designed and customized by Polepunzel. I must also correctly charge for my time and effort to run every aspect of this business.

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